Products at Work

Automobiles, surgical stapling products, consumer appliances, even lawn sprinklers and toys are today being built to quality standards unimaginable just a few years ago. In many of these products, and wherever else extremely high-quality, high-performance springs, stampings, wire forms and assemblies are required, chances are there’s a product from Michigan Spring and Stamping at work.

Michigan Spring and Stamping is a leading international supplier of spring assemblies for automobile ignition systems, compression springs for steering and suspensions, clutch packs for transmissions, and wire forms for medical devices. Michigan Spring and Stamping customers are located all over the world throughout Asia, Europe, and the America’s. With two manufacturing facilities and a sales/engineering office in the Detroit area Michigan Spring and Stamping has the ability to focus on the customer, quickly.

In these and hundreds of other applications, our broad product line and advanced capabilities are helping our customers meet the demand for significant improvements in quality and performance.

Engineered Spring & Stamping Systems

Michigan Spring and Stamping provides full service capabilities with:

  • Design and Prototyping (Rapid and Production) with testing.
  • Full Tool and Die making machining facilities.
  • Full Cost Analysis of the practical and effective solutions for product development.
  • Spring Design Software and Data Input Sheets.